The Proposal

Throughout our time together Florence had been dropping hints of what she wanted in a proposal. Actually, she wasn’t very direct about her expectations she would casually say “make it nice”. Well little did she know that I had been planning all along. So here is the story. On February 17, 2017, I called Priscilla and told her that we need to come up with a plan for the proposal so we devised the code name Super Secret Plan. The idea was to surprise her on her birthday but do it in a way where she would be completely caught off guard about what was happening. We went through several different iterations of the plan because we were planning almost a year and a half in advance. The broad scope of the plan was to convince her to have a brunch for her birthday and I was going to get her a photographer so during the photoshoot I would creep up on her and get on one knee. That seemed like a simple plan but the challenge was to be stealthy about its execution.

Operations Finalizing The Plan

After the February conversation, Priscilla and I talked on occasion about plan modifications and discussed several different ideas to make it memorable. We officially had our first briefing call on November 10, 2017, which was exactly one year from the anticipated date for the proposal. During that meeting, we settled on the idea to convince her that I will be out of town for her birthday weekend, therefore, it would be impossible for me to celebrate her birthday with her.

Operation Get Her Ring Size

After deciding on the details of the plan, I had to come up with the means of getting her ring finger sized without blowing my cover. We went to the mall casually one afternoon to get a gift for her friend. Luckily, there was a jewelry store right across from the gift shop so I suggested for us to get our ring sizes. This may seem like an obvious action of a man planning to propose but we did this almost 7 months before the proposal so I made sure there was ample time for her to forget that we ever did that.

Operation Convince Florence About Your Absence

In order to successfully execute SSP, I had a mandate to convince Florence that I will be out of town for her birthday weekend. Thus prior to attending a business trip in April 2018, I told her that I have received my travel itinerary for the year which includes November 9 through the 11th. Making the case for this was very difficult so the plan was to make sure that I made this announcement far in advance to give her time to warm up to the idea. As designed, she slowly warmed up to the idea that I will be out of town during her birthday weekend. Her conviction of this was slightly frightening to me because it got to a moment where I was concerned that she was aware of our plans but I later discovered that her adamance was due to her deeply rooted trust for me. Well, I’ll take that any day, ladies and gentlemen.

Operation Convince Florence To Not Go Hiking

Well, my bride loves to walk and I love her for it, she enjoys meaningful walks. So as the days got closer to her birthday she was suggesting that she wanted to go on a hiking trip in the morning followed by a dinner date with her closest friends. Well, this plan could not happen knowing what we had planned for her so I had some suggestions to give. I resorted to making a pathos argument that she should do something meaningful with her friends to make her birthday memorable. So I suggested for her to do a photo shoot and a brunch with her friends and since I was going to be missing-in-action, I will book a photographer for her as a means of making my presence felt. After multiple days of contemplation, she agreed to this suggestion and began coordinating and planning towards her photoshoot. While she began her planning, Priscilla was playing a key role in influencing her decisions on locations, and itinerary based on conversations that we had regarding the SSP masterplan. As her birthday was fast approaching, we introduced the SSP plan to Florence’s little sister Lady and Abigail to assist Priscilla with the logistics.

October 27th Monkey-wrench

Unbeknown to me while I was planning on this masterplan to invade her birthday, she was also working behind the scenes to surprise me on my birthday. She had invested three months into planning and coordinating to get my best friends together to honor me on my birthday. During her planing phases, she had dropped a hint that made me infer that she could be trying to surprise me on my birthday. I went on an investigation trying to find out if she was indeed planning to surprise me for my birthday. My investigation did not yield positive results and Florence played it off very well. My plan at that moment in time was that, if I was convinced that she was indeed planning on surprising me, I would have turned the tables to propose to her on that day. Nonetheless, while I was expecting a simple get together with two of my closest friends, I was tricked into a dinner that was planned by my wonderful bride with the rest of my closest friends on top of that, she gifted me with a guitar! Later, I discovered that my investigation was unsuccessful because she planned the details of the dinner with the same group of people I was planning SSP with so they were not willing to break her trust by giving the inside details of what she was planning.

Operation Get To Atlanta Without Her Knowledge

Immediately after the dinner, I said to myself “game-on”. I stuck with the plot to be on a “business trip” while she was going to have a photoshoot and brunch without me. On November 9th, I set out on a road trip with the photographer to Atlanta. I managed to veer her off course from noticing that I was on a road trip. When we got to Atlanta, I met with Priscilla and Abigail and along with the photographer, we scouted out the location of the photoshoot to rehearse the plans for the next day.

Operation Pray To God She Says Yes After Finding Out About Your Plot

I called Florence the night before the photo shoot and told her that I got her a gift but since I will not be there in person, I would like for her to be blindfolded while Priscilla went to pick it up from the car because I would like to catch her real-time reaction on facetime. She agreed to do so. Thus, on November 10th, I got assistance from a good friend who took the photographer to the location of the shoot while I went on to pick up Florence’s mother. While the photoshoot was ongoing, we sat in the parking garage at the location waiting on a cue from Priscilla to come out. As soon as she was blindfolded we were given the notice to come out. Priscilla brought Florence the gift that I purchased for her while she was blindfolded as I snuck quietly behind her and went on one knee. She opened the gift and laughed because it was something that she needed and she knew I was aware that she needed it. While she was observing her gift the photographer said to her “look at your friends” she turned around and there I was on one knee! Whew! After months of planning, finally, I stood before the woman of my dreams to request her hand in marriage in front of her family and friends.


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