How I Knew – Groom

How I Knew – Groom

Deciding to be in a relationship with someone is easy. A decision to marry? that’s a beast on its own. I had heard the horror stories about marriage and the passive-aggressive advice from people that can subliminally scare you at times. However, I had resolved to look at marriage from a different perspective. At the time, I felt like my intuitions were going against the status quo but that was not new to me. After courting for a year, I had seen a lot from Florence and surprisingly we had overcome many trials within that short period also.

Knowing that I did not have intentions of wasting time, I began to take the thought of marriage seriously because if I did not see it in our future, it would have been in our best interest to end the relationship before we wasted additional years, so I began to pray about marriage. I will be the first to say that I was not looking for a dream or a voice. Rather, I was seeking to align my thought and my decision making with the Word of God. This is not easy to do because what it meant for me was to literally, pattern my actions after 1 Corinthians 13. By doing so, I saw many of my own flaws yet I was determined to teach myself how to love like the Word of God describes. As I continued in that pursuit, I started to see Florence differently, I began to see her a woman who God has gifted me to love unconditionally. So I realized that the more I aligned my life with prayer and God’s Word, the deeper I fell in love with her. The root for unnecessary arguments between us was due to failure on either of our parts to keep to our devotion to God.

Love is from God, and without God, one cannot truly love. I learned this lesson early so a sure sign that Florence was the one for me was that fact that every-time I aligned my life and actions with God's Word, it became increasingly easier to love her and our joy in relationship increased.

Additionally, Florence and I had many long talks about our purpose and vision for the future . Interestingly we both saw different things in our future, but at the roots of it, we were seeking for the same thing and that was the desire to use our life and future marriage to affect lives positively. Florence was extremely honest and wise. She had an incredible ability to use every flaw that I exposed to her as a means to encourage me and grant me the access to see what I consider a flaw from a different perspective, As a result, it brought the very best out of me. Above all, Florence’s humility, compassion, and respect won me over because I read that “beauty fade but a woman who fears the Lord will be praised.” My bride is gorgeous (that already we know) but her character beyond all else made me fall in love with her.

Well I believe God speaks, and He had spoken to me in many different ways in my life so I thought it would be odd not to hear anything about Florence. Honestly, I was not seeking after it, but on Oct 24, 2017, I was laying in my bed thanking God for adding a year onto my life and said this prayer “Lord thank you for bringing Florence into my life” as I said those words, I heard the Lord say “I did not just bring her into your life, but I have given her to you.” Being with Florence, I had seen every character trait I sought after in a wife. I had heard many different words of confirmation from family, friends and colleagues. Yet after that moment, I was convinced in my heart, soul, and spirit that Florence is the woman God has ordained for me to marry.

Interestingly, I noticed that the word came after I had decided to trust God with my decision of taking the step to commit to Florence within my heart.


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